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Screen Printing, also known as Silk Screen, is a badass way to get your business, school, or team the marketing or fandom it needs! Our shop currently offers primarily plastisol screen printing, but we are in the process of testing and finalizing great new processes known as water base and discharge. Both of these additional screen printing techniques are going to add a whole new flavor to the great work we can provide!




  1. How much does it cost to get custom screen printed apparel? Our pricing depends on the quantity of items we’re printing on, the amount of screens used (number of inks used per location), design time, and the cost of the garments being ordered. Shoot us an email to get started!

  2. What is your turnaround time? We send you proofs of your design overlaid onto the garment of your choice via email so you know exactly what you are getting. After a written confirmation in an email you can expect your prints to be finished in 7 – 10 business days.

  3. Do you have a minimum requirement? We require a minimum of 20 items per design.

  4. Can I mix and match ink and shirt colors? You totally can! As long as we are printing the same design on each item you can mix t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, etc. as long as you hit that 20 minimum. There is a $10 fee for ink changes. For example if you go from white ink to pink to blue there will be a $20 charge.

  5. How much are your setup fees? We charge $25 per screen. Though this can sound daunting, our account executives are trained to know what all can be fit on one screen and will give you the lowest price possible. For every 144 items, you'll get three screens free!

  6. What if I need my shirts print ASAP? We are more than happy to bump you to the top of our list, but we do charge rush fees. It also depends on how fast we can get your shirts delivered to our shop to begin production.

  7. Is the proof sent via email exactly what my print is going to look like screen printed? Excellent question! The proof sent via email is almost always going to be brighter and more colorful than what your actual screen print apparel is going to look like. We do however equip our designers with color pallets directly off of our ink supplier’s websites to give you the most accurate proof possible.

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